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The best time to spot wildlife is in the early morning or evening. Hornbills are occasional morning visitors to the clearings. The Provost squirrel and tree shrews are regulars. Several snake species including green vine, bamboo and racer snakes, flying snakes, lying lizards, tree frogs, flying frogs, flying squirrels and flying lemurs or Colugo have also been spotted in the area.

Poring's lowland and hill forest birds include drongos, woodpeckers, leafbirds, broadbills, the Yellow-vented Bulbul, the Magpie Robin and the Asian Fairy Bluebird. Flowering gingers also attract sunbirds and spiderhunters. At least seven of Borneo's ten sunbird species and six of  Sabah's seven spiderhunters are found here.

  1. Canopy Walkway
    Open from 9:00am to 4:00pm daily. Enjoy the breathtaking canopy walkway and spectacular botanical beauty of the forest.

  2. Butterfly Farm (Butterfly Garden & Caterpillar House)
    Open from 9:00am to 4:00pm daily. A colourful display of tropical butterflies.

  3. Tropical Garden 
    Open from 9:00am to 4:00pm daily
    Be one with nature and conduct some bird watching in these parts. Do not miss this opportunity to bring along your binoculars and witness a whole new world of nature. Expect to spot some wild birds, deers and even orang utans here.

  4. Orchid Garden
    Open at 2.30pm daily
    Visit our nurtured Orchid Garden and discover the various species of orchids in Sabah.

  5. Sulphur Bath
    Relax those sore muscles after a challenging climb up Mount Kinabalu.

  6. BBQ Pit
    A perfect way to enjoy a picnic with family and friends.

  7. Swimming Pool
    Jump into our unique outdoor rock pool to cool off.

  8. Waterfall
    1. Kipungit Waterfall
      This is the nearest waterfall from Poring Hot Spring & Nature Reserve. It takes approximately 15 minutes walk (1km). The waterfall is about 10 metres in height and suitable for group and family picnics.
    2. Langanan Waterfall
      This is the highest waterfall in Poring. It is more than 120 metres in height and takes approximately 2 hours trekking through the lowland tropical forest (3.4km).
    3. Bat Cave
      30 minutes walk from the main entrance of Poring Hot Spring & Nature Reserve and along the way to Langanan Waterfalls. Take this opportunity to learn more about these creatures of the night.

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You are here: Home

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