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Travellers Tips

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Here are some tips to ensure that you are well prepared before attempting to climb the mountain.

  1. Ensure you have already confirmed your accommodation on the mountain with Sutera Sanctuary Lodges for the first night of your climb. You will not be allowed to climb if you do not have a place to stay. Camping on the mountain is strictly forbidden. Refer to our Climber’s Package arrangement for more information on accommodation and dining options.

  2. In addition to the above, you are also required to bring some money with you to pay to the Sabah Park authorities for the Park’s entrance fee, mountain guide, climbing permit, insurance, certificate, porter fee (optional) and transfer to Timpohon Gate. This is separate from your accommodation which is managed by Sutera Sanctuary Lodges.

  3. Conduct a fitness check. Make sure your legs are fit and ready for the journey up and down the mountain. Be a responsible traveller. Bring the necessary medication required if you are prone to altitude sickness. As it is only a two day, one night climb you are still advised to exercise regularly several months prior to the climb.

  4. Remember to pack light to ease the weight on your shoulders. Ideally, the weight of your bag pack should be less than 10kg.

  5. Necessary items for the mountain climb include :
    a) Energy food i.e. chocolate bars, biscuits, glucose tablets
    b) A head torch
    c) A raincoat or poncho
    d) A windbreaker
    e) Warm clothing
    f) A small bottle of water
    g) A pair of gloves
    h) An extra pair of socks
    i) A cap or beanie
    j) Slippers
    k) Toiletries


Park Etiquette

  1. Do not destroy or remove any plant or animal.
    It is an offence to remove plants and/or animals and to shoot, trap and/or collect any wildlife. Take only pictures, leave only footprints.

  2. Do not litter
    Dispose of rubbish with a thought for the environment. Help keep the environment clean and pure as nature intended it to be.

  3. Do not bring heavily packaged products
    Avoid bringing large quantities of paper and plastic wrappings. Minimize the amount of disposable material.

  4. Do not bring pets
    Pets are not allowed into the park as they may introduce diseases to isolated populations or may escape and become wild.

  5. Do respect the silence of nature
    Do not bring cassette players and radios that may disturb wildlife or those who wish to observe them. Be considerate.

  6. Do be extra careful with inflammable material
    Make sure fires are fully extinguished. Avoid smoking. Cigarettes can cause bush fires. Observe all safety rules.


What to Bring

The following are essential but not exhaustive. They complement other necessities and specialized equipment, where applicable.

  1. Lightweight Clothing
    Although evenings at high altitudes tend to be chilly, the surrounding is largely humid. Light-weight clothing is recommended.

  2. Walking Shoes
    Comfortable walking shoes are necessary for the steep mountain trails.

  3. Raincape
    Kinabalu experiences heavy rainfall despite the dry inter monsoon periods.

  4. Hat
    For protection against sun and cold at higher altitudes.

  5. Gloves
    To protect hands from thorns, insects and the cold.

  6. Rubber Sandals
    Ideal for less challenging trails, in and around Park Headquarters and hot springs.

  7. Swimwear
    Useful for exploring mountain streams and hot springs.

  8. Ziploc Plastic Bags
    For sealed, temporary storage of food, personal belongings, etc.

  9. Leech Socks
    These offer protection from leeches.

  10. Warm Jacket
    Temperatures can be low at night, especially at higher altitudes.

  11. Lightweight Ruck Sack / Daypack
    Useful for keeping essential items.

  12. Others
    Sunscreen, insect repellent, water bottle, torch and batteries, camera, reading material, first aid kit.

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