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Guided Trekking

If climbing Mount Kinabalu is not your cup of tea, there are also several interesting nature trails within Kinabalu Park you can consider exploring.


Distance (metres)


1. Liwagu Trail 5620 2 hours
2. Silau Silau Trail 3057 1 hour 30 minutes
3. Bukit Burung Trail 1082 1 hour
4. Kiau View Trail 2544 1 hour 30 minutes
5. Bundu Tuhan View (Sunset) 465 15 minutes
6. Pandanus Trail 598 20 minutes
7. Bukit Ular Trail 997 30 minutes
8. Mempening Trail 2516 1 hour 30 minutes
9. Bukit Tupai Trail 345 15 minutes


Important Notice : Guests wishing to trek along these trails must be accompanied by either a Sabah Park Ranger or Sutera Sanctuary Lodges Naturalist. Sutera Sanctuary Lodges and the management of Sutera Harbour Resort will not be held responsible for any death, injuries, loss and/or damage howsoever caused to trekkers. All guests trek at their own risks.


  1. Liwagu River Trail
    Distance : 5,620 metres
    Duration : 2 hours

    The trail starts from Kinabalu Balsam Restaurant located at the Park Headquarters. The trail leads to Silau-Silau but does not cross until the Liwagu junction. Follow the Liwagu upstream before reaching the Power Station road near Timpohon Gate. It is a steep, narrow and varied trail through a ridge forest, cool stream valley, rattan palms and Liwagu.

  2. Silau Silau Trail
    Distance : 3,057 metres
    Duration : 1 hour 30 minutes

    Follow the river from its source below Kiau Gap which junctions with the Liwagu River near the overhanging rock of Liwagu Cave. The trail is linked with other trails at various points, including Bukit Burung, Bukit Tupai and Kiau view.

  3. Bukit Burung Trail
    Distance : 1,082 metres
    Duration : 1 hour

    Start from the road, cross the Silau-Silau stream and trail, then proceed up the ridge side to Bukit Burung shelter for a spectacular view of the Park Headquarters, Lower Liwagu Valley and Mount Kinabalu. Attractions include easy access to a hill forest, cool stream valleys and dry ridge tops.

  4. Kiau View Trail
    Distance : 2,544 metres
    Duration : 1 hour 30 minutes

    From the arch at the park entrance, proceed along a wide undulating ridge trail. Finish just after the 1.5 km mark along the Power Station Road opposite the entrance to Silau-Silau Trail. Attractions include scenic views of the west coast and an assortment of local tree species.

  5. Bundu Tuhan View (sunset)
    Distance : 465 metres
    Duration : 15 minutes

    Take the loop road below the staff quarters near the Conservation Centre. The trail reaches shelter at a ridge top above the main Ranau Highway. Obtain spectacular views of Bundu Tuhan village and southern mountains including Malaysia’s second highest peak, Mount Trusmadi (2,642 metres). Follow the ridge down to Liwagu Trail.

  6. Pandanus Trail
    Distance : 598 metres
    Duration : 20 minutes

    A broad well graded trail offering refreshing views. The Pandanus Trail opened in September 1999 for the World Mountain Trophy Race, starting near the car park of the Park Headquarters administration building joining the Kiau View Trail at ridge crest.

  7. Bukit Ular Hillside Trail
    Distance : 997 metres
    Duration : 30 minutes

    A fairly steep trail takes hikers through a journey along a winding road around Bukit Ular from the top of Power Station Road and finally emerging just behind the Power Station. Attempt a challenging 30-minute detour from the top of Bukit Ular for excellent views of a waterfall and mountain.

  8. Mempening Trail
    Distance : 2,516 metres
    Duration : 1 hour 30 minutes

    Start half way up Power Station Road, trek down the ridge through dense oak chestnut forest to Bukit Tupai and Silau-Silau stream. Good view of Park Headquarters and Liwagu Valley.

  9. Bukit Tupai Trail
    Distance : 345 metres
    Duration : 15 minutes

    From Multi-purpose Hall, cross Silau-Silau stream and trail, going straight up to ridge crest and Bukit Tupai Shelter. Splendid view of Park Headquarters and tree canopy area. On clear days, breathtaking view of Mount Kinabalu. Ridge crest links to Mempening and Bukit Burung Trail.

Mountain Garden Walks

Guided walks available at 9:00am, 12:00noon & 3:00pm for a nominal fee payable at the Kinabalu Park Headquarters.

The Mountain Garden offers a glimpse into the incredible diversity of plant life found all over Kinabalu Park and their natural surroundings. This 2 hectare fenced botanical garden was established in 1981.

The garden straddles the Silau-Silau Stream just after the visitor centre. A slightly elevated gravel path leads to plant display houses in the surrounding forest.

Plant species include small trees such as the Kinabalu Nutmeg, Kerosene Tree, Earth Fig and climbers such as the Bauhinia Liana, Bamboo and flowering plants such as the Kinabalu Balsam, Medinella, Lipstick Flower, ginger, ferns, wild bananas, aroids, wild and rare orchids.


Slide Show Presentations

Available daily at 2:00pm (7:30pm on Weekends & Public Holidays)

Start your Kinabalu adventure with an interesting slide show presentation on Sabah and the majestic Mount Kinabalu. Learn about the local cultures and tradition and get a glimpse of Borneo's magical rainforests. Enquiries may be made at Kinabalu Park Headquarters.


Guided Park Walks

Available daily at 11:00am. Please enquire at the Kinabalu Park Headquarters for more information.


Sutera Sanctuary Lodges

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