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    "We are committed to ensuring that our website contains content that is valuable and useful to our customers and potential customers who visit. To assist us in this, we have implemented the Google analytics demographics and interest reporting features on our website. These tools allow us to review anonymous data regarding the gender, age and interests of website visitors and adapt our website content to better reflect their needs. Although this information is collected through your Google ad settings, it is not provided to us in a personally-identifiable format. This means we cannot identify what information is about you, and we will not try to figure it out. Personal Data Protection 


    Sutera Harbour Resort - Website Privacy Policy

    The professionals who create our websites are as passionate about your privacy as they are about their own, and, like you, we dislike having our privacy invaded and, worst of all, receiving spam. It is therefore our sincerest promise that any information collected about you on this website will stay annonymous, or if you tell us who you are, the information will only be used for the purpose to which you agree. However, we cannot be held responsible for unauthorised or accidental access which is beyond our control. You may wish to have access to or request correction of your personal information at



    You are free to subscribe and unsubscribe to our newsletter. The newsletter includes updates of promotions running across the resort including accommodation, dining, recreation, golf, spa, boat cruises and any of our other offerings. The information, ie. your name, email address and any other data you wish to share with us, is for the purpose of the newsletter only and will not be used for any of our other channels of advertising. Your details, especially your email address, will not be sold or given to any third party. Each newsletter features the 'Unsubscribe' link on which you can click at any time to remove yourself from the mailing list to stop receiving the newsletter.



    Certain functions on our website do use cookies for the purpose of storing small amounts of annonymous usage data. This does not identify you in any way, but purely provides us with a method of gathering visitors statistics. The data collected in this way is not used on an individual basis, but is aggregated and viewed as a whole. There is no way we can identify you as an individual. There is an exception to this: on our Contact Us page, when you submit a comment, your IP Address will be submitted together with your query. This is purely to discourage abuse of the Comments Page and will only be used in cases of repeated abuse.

    If you have any questions or comments about this site or if you're concerned about your privacy, please do contact our webmaster on