Latitude & Longtitude


    5°58'.05 N

    Latitude - 05 degrees 58.05 minutes North


    116°03'.40 E

    Latitude - 116 degrees 03.40 minutes East


    Located in the South China Sea on the northern tip of the island of Borneo, Sabah is easily accessible by sea and air. The international airport, 5 minutes from Sutera Harbour Resort, has flights departing to countless major cities throughout the Asian region via links with Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, and an increasing amount of direct flights to the island.


    Approach by Sea

    Come in on a heading of 090°T, keeping Tanjung Wakong ½ mile to port. When at Tanjung Wakong, turn towards Sutera Harbour Resort, course 128°T. Note: This approach is using Admiralty Chart #3626. However, the most recent chart does not indicate Sutera Harbour Resort's location. Furthermore,the charted depth outside the Marina is no longer accurate, as the Marina channel has been dredged and expanded. The average depth at lowest astronomical tide (LAT) is 4 meters inside the basin and 6 metres just outside the breakwater.


    Facilities & Services

    • 24-hour security

    • Shower Room & Private Locker

    • Pump-out station for black water discharge

    • Facility for waste oil

    • Fuel (unleaded petrol and diesel & Lubricant

    • Hull & engine repairs and maintenance (In-house contractor can recommend repair sites)

    • Boat hull washing

    • Boat hull cleaning


    Arrival Requirements

    All visiting vessels are required to do port clearance before their crew is allowed ashore. Proceed to the Marine Department located in Sepanggar Bay and take the following documents :



    1. Ship registration certificate

    2. Crew List

    3. Passenger List - if any

    4. Last port clearance certificate

    5. Master is required to fill in the MSS 1 form

    Sutera Harbour Marina is a member of Asia Pacific Superyacht Association