Blue Lagoon KTV Lounge


    The Blue Lagoon KTV Lounge has a bar, a dance floor, a main screen and several karaoke rooms. It is popular in the evenings and during weekends when revellers may exercise their singing talents in the company of family and friends with old classics or hot favourites. The venue is also popular for ballroom dancing sessions and private parties. Blue Lagoon is exclusive to members, their guests and hotel guests only and is open after 5pm.


    Location Level 1, Sutera Harbour Marina & Country Club 
    Capacity 100 persons  
    Cuisine Snacks & Beverages  
    Operational Hours Daily | 6:00pm to 1:00am  
    Moonlight Hour Daily | 7:00pm to 9:00pm  
    Promotion NA  
    Beverage Wine selection by glass & bottle  
      Fresh Fruit Juice  
      Healthy Juice Blends  
      Coffee & Tea  
    Entertainment In-House DJ  
    Dress Code NA  
    Reservation/Booking Call ext 8166